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Asus ROG 5 Trigger not WORKING

Star I

Since i update my phone to ANDROID 13, my triggers stopped working, some times they work for like 15-20 minutes and they stopped again, and my vibrations stop working too. Someone have some advice or can help me? 

Cuz i think its all cuz of this android 13, but im not too smart, i send my phone in service too they told me that they cant help me and returned it back. Someone have some advice?


Star I

Same case....air trigger only working 10-20mins then bug not working. I need restart cell phone for use that OS still in android 11

And when did u restart did they work? Cuz i restart my phone too and it was still on Android 13.

Only work about 5-10mins then buggy again. Until now still there no answer about that issue

Well, we are fk up🤣