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ASUS ROG 5, Fingerprint, Sim card not appearing, Air triggers stopped working

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I bought ASUS ROG 5 mobile 5-6 months ago and after 3 months, Same problem Fingerprint, Sim card not appearing, Air triggers stopped working. I went to service centre and Gave it they told its Motherboard problem and Changed it and It was free of cost which was in IN Warranty

Next time after 1 month same problem, Everything same problem that time Mobile fall from 15 centimeters high but Motherboard or Screen damage, I gave it to Service centre and They told its physical damage where the mobile is this sensitive than my girlfriend Do you think mobile falling from 15 CMs and Motherboard getting defected, Like What the fuck is going on with ASUS. This time Service centre Engineers told its physical damage where there wasd small crack on display they may considered that it was physical damage, I paid 15,000 for only Screen including service charges while it was in IN warranty and I have 3 months of warranty again.

after one moth 10 days Again same problem, Screen is working perfectly fine but Fingerprint not showing, Sim card not showing, Air triggers not working and except these problems phone is working good, I dont recommend ASUS mobiles to anyone again, This is fucking hilarious, I may sue them in Indian Courts for not testing devices properly and Charging them after these problems appearing.


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We all have to suffer mate. What can we do if a Premium phone is made with faulty hardware.
This matter is huge, I'm surprised nobody has taken it to the legal authorities. No outrage on social media like Twitter.
Durability was always in question still people like us purchased it trusting the brand ASUS.

What if i haven't backed up my data to usb drive? This phone gets bricked all of a sudden.

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Hi shivmirji36,
Really sorry to hear this.
Let me take your details in inbox and share with service team to have a thorough check.

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same happen to me