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ASUS ROG 5 Air Triggers not functioning

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Its been 5 days since I made my post on another ROG 5 users topic relating to the same problem.

My air triggers stopped functioning half way through a game.

I followed the advice by the forum's moderators and decided to first clear the armory cache, all cookies and so forth. The air triggers still didn't work, so I decided to sacrifice my data and do a full factory reset, which is recommended by the moderators. I did that, then before backing up my phone, as I thought there was a chance that one of my original apps may have corrupted the software. I once again tried air triggers. Once again, no success. I then backed up my phone, and tried air triggers again, no success. Finally I found one of the a recommendation made by a moderator, to a person struggling with the same situation a year ago, to try the air triggers in safe mode. I did just that, and they actually worked. But then upon me restarting my phone in normal mode, I loaded up a game and they worked, briefly in the loading screen. Now once again, they are not working, not even in safe mode.

This MUST be a software issue that begun when the new android 13 update came out. Can something be done to fix this issue? There are people out there that actually use air triggers as part of their business tool on the likes of twitch, YouTube etc. And it's not an issue that can simply just be ignored. If I don't see a result soon. Sure I'll upgrade my phone... Onto another manufacturer with air trigger technology.


They are not doing anything so that you've got no choice but to get a new phone. What they suppose to know is most of us won't remain as ROG supporter looking at these minimum amount of support given when issue arises. 

Mind sharing whether the trigger will work after u roll back to 12?

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I had the same problem (or still have, I think that it might come back again someday). The AirTriggers stopped working, only the AirTriggers, the fingerprint scan and sim card works correctly, so, no motherboard issues there. I've had my 5s for 11 months and this is the first time It happens. I cleared the armuory create app cache and the AirTriggers came back to life for a few minutes then deception again, so I started backing up my phone to send for repair, I decided to factory reset the phone just to test, and guess what, It works now. Definitely a system update problem. I will update when it stops working again. (oh and I did installed a lot of APK games, but I mean the games "legally" available are all boring

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Same problem here! After the recent software update, I need to clear cache both armoury crate and air trigger (app), restart my phone just for it to work briefly.