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Android 13 for ROG Phone 5s (ZS676KS)

Star III

My phone arrived today and there's no update for android 13 in settings. Where can i find the firmware to manually update? Asus web site doesn't show any android roms to download. 

My version is attached below.



a versão 221 ja esta instalada no meu Rog infelizmente... eu precisava de uma versão mais recente, qualquer uma das duas que voce recebeu via OTA pra poder fazer o mesmo...

Até onde sei a Asus não disponibilizou nenhuma versão completa pra instalação local após a .221.

Entendi.... vou rezar pra que aja alguma posterior então que eu possa utilizar... quem sabe..

After updating to android 13 your phone works fine - WiFi, BT, NFC?
I upgrading three times to 13 and ater first time everything works like before, but i  send phone to service becouse last time they didn't repair air triggers, they replaced motherboard and something else.
Phone returned to me with android 12, so I upgraded to 13 and wifi the WiFi broke down and later BT too, so I send phone to service again.
I ask on zentalk, if it would be safe to update to Android 13?
There was no answer so I upgrated to 13, after that NFC broke down, so I sended phone again to service and phone returns repaired but it takes one week longer than usualy.
Now everything works correctly on my ROG Phone 5 with android 12, updates to android 13 disappeared from asus official site and update service.
I'm not sure which of these versions I was installing at the time:

After all this, I'm now afraid to update to Android 13, but your phone is working properly now bro?

Maciej Płatek

yes, everything is working fine. If anything happens i'll let everyone know. 

To me it seems asus stop the android 13 rollout, my phone couldn't find it via OTA. I had to resort to the local update.
My guess is that these phones are breaking due to constant heat while gaming.