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Air triggers

Star II

Still haven't got any solutions to get my air triggers working properly again

They don't work at all now 

They had been glitching for last 6 months, first had trouble when I ran twin apps of CODM, sometimes they would work other times not, sometimes they would say that the left trigger was being used when it wasn't all sorts of strange things that shouldn't be happening until they ceased to work at all,, not any game, not even for Google assistant or other non armour create applications to such as screenshot ....  Nothing!

Yes I have messaged support 

I've done everything advised so far but still here looking for a solution.(...but now my warranty has expired )

I'm a techie, which shouldn't be a surprise with this phone, so .... Reset, clean cache, do latest update were never going to be that solution 

Hopefully 🤞 someone can actually help!


Star II

Curious to know if someone has helped you with this yet? Because my air triggers stopped working 2 days ago as well and it seems others have also suffered from this. Seems it's happened since the new update. And it seems ASUS staff are unresponsive in the matter.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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