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Wifi and Hotspot not working at the same time never buy Asus Products

Rising Star II

Hi Team Asus.

Posting this thread here because you don't care anymore about ROG 3 anymore.

Issue : When Wifi is Connected or turned on not able to turn on Hotspot showing error.

we are facing this Wifi and Hotspot error since Android 12 update and Asus didn't fixed this yet and now it's EOL no more updates.

There are multiple threads posted in the rog 3 section about this issue but Asus didn't fixed it.

The Custom rom developer has already fixed the issue in their custom rom by adding this flag check link.

We want this issue to be fixed in the stock rom.

I'm an admin of a popular social media account on Insta Facebook and YouTube having 15 M followers.

If this issue is not resolved be prepared for the consequences. We paid a big amount for this device and will not tolerate any ignorance.



Star II

To be honest, just stop making gaming phones if you cant provide basic software support.

I think for the first time you people are getting a solution, please implement it in upcoming updates

Rising Star II

Star I

I have solution this is hardware problem and i am solved it on customer rog i am owner of repairing shop and i repaired successful those who can facing this problem contact me for rog3/rog5

Rising Star II

Got the culprit app which was messing with the system settings and hotspot.

It Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Plugin app which was causing the issue deleting it fixed the issue