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Wifi & Hotspot is not turning on

Star II

Model Name: ROG 3

Firmware Version: WW-31.0210.0210.258

Rooted or not: Not Rooted

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Wifi & Hotspot is not turning on 


Wifi & Hotspot is not working suddenly from yesterday, tried restarting the device and also resetting the network, nothing helps. Kindly help to resolve the issue.



Hi @Rajib18aug 


Can you try backing up your device and doing a factory reset?



Thank you! 

I did all those step you forward me already.. some of your team are even suggesting me to send the phone for repair because of the update that corrupt the wifi system. And they also asking me to change the motherboard but my question is why should I send for repair or change the motherboard as the phone is not damage by me it all because of your update and your software.. the phone was working fine three days ago.. now because of the update it's not working.. is this a way to fool people to full the Asus companies pocket?? Well if that the case I will appeal for a case on this matter regarding this matter.. because I think the company wait until the warranty are finished then Thay send som kind of software to damage the phone.. well frankly your company is not to be trusted anymore.. I will never buy any of you products in the future.. and will post it to the social media...for now all I want my device to get repair... And I I want to know how should I do it.. all the step which is mentioned above it already done... I will request you please give me valid into how to get access to the wifi even if need to downgrade the system..

Thank you

Zen Master II

Wifi module problem same with common issue at ROG 5

The only solution is to replace your motherboard

The motherboard is costing 40k+ there's no point changing the motherboard, this is I think a software kind of issue.