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Still waiting for VoWIFI & VoLTE support for global device on ww firmware

Star II
Model : ROG Phone 3 / ASUS_I003DD
Firmware : Version WW-18.0410.2201.192 (latest update on 2022/01/25)

with the reference to the said device, it has been more or less 12 months and still no support for the said vowifi & volte firmware support for global europe device/user. i can't believe that paying for such a premium price device over 1000+ euros and some other manufacturer budget devices at 180-250 euros would even have the said features avail to them. are qualcomm 865+ soc being much inferior interms of hardware than those budget soc? kindly to enlightened me with rational explanation.
thank you.

p.s. please be professional and dont attempt to do "cheapshot thread closing" before answering to a paying customer / thread post has been recorded and screenshot for future reference(s).


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Asus is only allowing VoLTE and WiFi calling on select telcos worldwide and that's infuriating. They're not opening VoLTE for my telco (Telenor-> Digi Malaysia) but they're opening VoLTE for the most expensive telco in Malaysia, Maxis. Absolutely maddening.