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Slow Charging and Schedule Charging is not working as Expected

Rising Star I
Hello there
I have just purchased ROG 3.So my problem is that my ROG Phone 3's power master function doesn't work. After selecting slow charging option in batter care, when I plug my phone to charger, hyper charge icon appears and my phone charges so fast . And my phone heats like Frying Pan. Even schedule charging doesn't work. Its keep on charging full night even though I scheduled for 12:00 AM to 4:00 PM . I want to know if any one facing the same issue. Kindly let me know your thoughts


Star III
Hi guys,
Anyone noticed in the battery page, it's not showing when you last unplugged the phone.. I charged the phone yesterday but showing 4 days ago.. I'll post a screenshot.. correct me if I am wrong..

Star III
So I'm not the only one with those problems.
The scheduled charging basically does whatever he wants, if I try to set an hour for the start and the ending, then the phone changes it randomly... If I manage to set the hour I want with slow charging active, than it's start to charge hella fast and arrives at complete charge 2 hours before I setted on the scheduled charging.
Firmware is 17.0823.2007.58
That's frustrating

Star III
Fast charging as well as slow charging both are working try once fast and slow charging and switch off the mobile after charged and then next time u see difference in slow and fast charging...

But scheduled charging programming is not good because if u give 4_5 hrs time for charging also it charges fast , so what's use of giving schedule for 4_5 hrs , in my way it should charge slow as we are givinh prior data and indication according to time constraints it should charge slow or fast ..

So my request to asus fix the problem of scheduled charging otherwise no point keeping it.. @Anders_ASUS

Community Legend III
Hi again,
As for scheduled charging, we're looking into the chosen time period flip-flopping between random values. We'll hopefully have a fix for that issue soon.
We're also looking into slow charging being too fast at the moment.

Rising Star II
Mod please help my phone is not even's only 15 days old