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Slow Charging and Schedule Charging is not working as Expected

Rising Star I
Hello there
I have just purchased ROG 3.So my problem is that my ROG Phone 3's power master function doesn't work. After selecting slow charging option in batter care, when I plug my phone to charger, hyper charge icon appears and my phone charges so fast . And my phone heats like Frying Pan. Even schedule charging doesn't work. Its keep on charging full night even though I scheduled for 12:00 AM to 4:00 PM . I want to know if any one facing the same issue. Kindly let me know your thoughts


Star II
Same problem with me

Rising Star I
You can clearly see the suggested charging indication line is showing the correct time it should take with slow 10w charging available
But it's not working as it should be... This option doesn't slow down charging. It says it will take 2 and half hour to charge the phone but it takes a lot less time ...

Star III
The backup you getting is insane.. 100 to 67% in nearly 37 hours !!!
Pls lemme know is it because your ROG 3 isalways connected to wifi for internet?

Rising Star I

It's not 100 to 67. I was 100% to 15% then it started charging up to 67%
And I have two phones, so rog 3 isn't getting all the love and time.... I am sure if I use it a lot.... It will come down like crazy.
But yes the standby time is incredible.
These are all the apps I have on phone..
I feel like the more apps and accounts you comment to the phone, faster your battery goes down. They trying to copy your data and Facebook is a must hot have app.

Star I
For me also, slow and schedule charging is not working. When I schedule a time and go back then the time automatically get changed.