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Rog phone3,kinda disappointed about the black crush issue, but I'm sure there is an update for a fix

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Well currently I'm using an thrid party app "screen balance" available on playstore which allowed me to remove atleast 90-95% of the grainy pixelated black parts.
You could try that for the time being until an update is rolled out for this issue

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@prajwalmnair1 Can you post some comparison screenshots for us to look at?

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First screenshot is without the screen balance (app) turned on.. second is with it turned on.. I guess you can make the difference right?

You can see the difference if you got that faulty thing on your phone tho.. I had to disable the thrid party app to tell the difference in the screenshot I took

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I took a photo with my old phone.. which makes things clearer..
The first picture being without the third party app turned on.. and the second with the app running.
Again these are take with screen brightness atleast close to 50% or maybe a little more.. when things get lower close to 30 and lower.. I just feel pathetic even with the thrid party app.. just horrible.
Really hoping to see a fix 😟
Any updates @Titan_ASUS or @Gustav_ASUS ?

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Experiencing the same. Fix the Black Crush issue please.