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Rog Phone 3 never getting updates past Android 9 and security update 5June2019

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I purchased my ASUS Rog 3 new a few years ago but have never received an update past Android 9 despite clicking on "Check -update" I am returned with "The system is up to date"

Can you please advise?

Android Version: 9
Android security patch level: 5 June 2019
Software information:
Baseband M3.13.33.20-Yoda_875021
Kernel 4.14.85-perf android@mcrd1-13 #1 (friday aug 9 2019)
Build number 1.190414.001.WW_Phone-16.0622.1906.19
Extension ROM 1.1.93


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If your phone says Tencent Games on the back, then please read this:

Hi Zentalk!

We are seeing reports that some users have been sold Tencent-branded devices intended for the Chinese market, that have been flashed with global ROM by the reseller.

Again, we would like to make it clear that ASUS does not officially sell any Tencent-branded ROG Phone 3 with so called "international ROM" or "global firmware".

We cannot guarantee the functionality of this combination. If you are facing any type of issue with your device - please contact your reseller who sold you the device - as this is is not a combination we are selling.

Please also take careful note that FOTA functionality will be disabled since the ROM and device model does not match. Some resellers note this in the fine print, others do not.

For more information regarding this subject, please refer to this thread:

[PSA] Tencent-branded ROG Phone 3 with "Global/International ROM"

If not, then you can manually update the phone:
ROG Phone 3I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you can skip updates, and may need to do each update manually.
[Edit] Wait a second, Yoda? Your phone is the ROG Phone 2, not the ROG Phone 3. However, Asus has updated that to Android 11. The updates for that are here:
ROG Phone II | Gaming Phones|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global

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