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ROG 3 version 31.0210.0210.303 wifi and hotspot not turning on

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Model Name: ROG 3
Android version 12

Firmware Version: version WW31.0210.0210.303
Rooted or not: Not Rooted
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Wifi & Hotspot is not turning on


I have read posts with same problem and it points out to replacing motherboard. but since their version is not the same as what is with mine, I believe its not a motherboard problem. Other resources have encountered this from rog phone 5 too. could you please help me check for a solution for these problems?






Hello Pervage,

I am trying to switch them on individually. Mobile data is working but when I switch Hotspot to On, it throws 'error' as status.

on another note, when I turn On WIFI, it just shows that the switch is moved to On status, but it does not work. 

Star I

I have the same issue. After the .303 update 8.Nov.2023 wifi can't be turn on. 

All know fixes do not work.


-factory Reset

-network reset

-uninstall Galaxy watch apps.

I need a fix pls.

Recommending you all who are at .303 please downgrade to .272. download .272 file from Asus official website. Factory data reset after downgrade and check if the issue is fixed then surely the 303 update is buggy and Asus tryna make our devices slower and faulty 

hello Mostwanted,

Thanks for the tip. will try it once available. been using a workaround phone and will only be available to do the downgrade on weekends.

To others that wants to have a copy of .272 I believe the zipfile is available at

Let me know what are the steps that youve taken and if the problems have been fixed.

Thank you so much and goodluck on 'reviving' your phones

Rising Star II

Can you share me the zip file of this version WW31.0210.0210.303