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My Rog Phone 3 ist turning on the backlight rgb and the otg is not working

Star I

My Rog Phone 3 is not turning on the backlight rgb, the kunai gamepad 3 is only working on bluetooth, is not working when i'm using the usb-c mode and i couldn't use mouse or keyboard while it was docked on the asus rog dock. The Dock's RGB is ok, but the RGB from the kunai gamepad is not working either.

I've read a lot of different diagnostics over the forums and maybe is something about a flashed firmware. I bought this smartphone from a friend and i don't know if he has flashed it. 

Rog Phone 3
Android 12
Patch: 2022-09-01
Kernel Version: 4.19.110-perf+android@mcrd1-13 #1
Extension Rom: 1.1.95
Version: SKQ1.210821.001.WW_Phone-31.0210.0210.258-0 release keys
Serial Number: L8AIKN05T842EH8
Not Rooted



Hi @Gilsonuwp 

We're so sorry to hear about these issues! Unfortunately, if it has been flashed, your best bet is to call or visit your local service center for more advice. 


So sorry for the inconvenience. 



Community Manager
Community Manager
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