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Green line issues on display

Star II

It's feels bad 😞 without any physical damages after updating my Asus ROG phone 3 got green line issues other companies are providing free screen replacement but not responding yours side



Star II

I have also started experiencing screen glitches after latest security patch update: sometimes just a green line, sometimes the screen becomes black for a few seconds, sometimes it becomes completely glitched in multiple coloured pixels. If I press the power button I manage to get back to the normal screen, but it's very annoying. No such issue until the update. Please Asus work on a fix!

No response from Asus team but other companies are providing free screen replacement.... 

Actually my issue is not a fixed line on screen which would require a screen replacement. My issue is more software related as glitches appear randomly during the day. This strange behaviour started after the update so it's due somehow to the patch.

What is the software version?