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Game Genie Youtube Streaming Audio Problem

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1.     Model Name: ASUS ROG Phone 3 Tencent Edition
(12 GB RAM / 128 GB Storage with the Snapdragon 865+)
2.     Firmware Version: WW_17.0823.2008.78
3.     Rooted or not: NOT rooted
4.     Frequency of Occurrence: ALWAYS
5.     APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Game Genie (as part of the Armoury Crate)
Hi Guys,

I just received a brand new ROG Phone 3 about 3 weeks ago, that I bought from
I am ALWAYS having annoying audio scratching sounds when streaming over Youtube using Game Genie.

Here a streaming example of the audio problem I streamed with my phone and Game Genie onto Youtube:
Just search for EvryGama (my profile name on Youtube) and check out the video with following title:
"PUBG MOBILE audio issues streaming using Game Genie on an ASUS ROG Phone 3 Tencent Edition"
(I' m not allowed yet to post URLs because I' m not a member of this forum for long enough apparently).

Does someone else experience the same Problem?

Is this Issue maybe related to that I‘ m using a chinese Tencent Edition of the ASUS ROG Phone 3 with a global WW firmware?
I got it delivered by tradingshenzhen that way again like on my old ASUS ROG Phone 2 – but at least on my new ASUS ROG Phone 3 I can update the firmware manually downloading the firmware packages (which wasn‘ t working at all on my ASUS ROG Phone 2).
-> I am experiencing this same audio errors on my ASUS ROG Phone 2 since almost one year, which is also a chinese Tencent Version with a global WW firmware.

WHAT I TRIED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM SO FAR and all of this didn‘ t help:

-        Installing the newest global WW firmware
-        A simple Phone restart
-        Clearing the Armoury Crate cache
-        Resetting the phone to it‘ s factory settings
-        Testing the streaming function with several different games (all games are having the same annoying audio problem)
-        Using external microphones of different headsets – the scratching audio problem/issue happens on any microphone – sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more – but it is always to strong…
-        Using other streaming Software like Omlet arcade
(works if you deactivate game genie for the game you want to play like PUBG in my case. But it‘ s not an option because when not using Game Genie you also can‘ t access the Airtriggers – Shoulder buttons and all other useful feature of the game Genie… And without those I definetly don‘ t need to buy a gaming phone but directly should have bought another flagship phone with a better camera…)

I slowly don‘ t know what to do anymore…

I could try to send my ASUS ROG Phone 3 back to for refund even though they are having public holidays (the golden week) until the end of next week… And I hope that it wouldn‘ t be to late for that after 3 or 4 weeks after their holidays…

I wrote to the ASUS Support about this issue, and they don‘ t believe me that this must be a Software error and wrote me to send my phone to their repair service to be repared „because it should be a Hardware Problem“– but how can this be?
How can the Phone perfectly record any audio tracks without any issues with normal audio record apps and also be able to stream on Youtube with the Omlet Arcade app perfectly and how can I only be having this big troubles using the game genie streaming function? For me that means that the hardware is fine and there must be a software issue with the Game Genie app…

Also can it really be that this issue happens to me on two tencent Edition phones with global rom only and to noone else? That exactly those two phones are broken?

Please help me if you can.
I' m quite desperate about it... Because for me as a Youtuber the streaming function is essencial...
(And there are also no good dedicated gaming phones which would be a good alternative because the Xiaomi Black Shark 3/Pro and the Nubia Redmagic 5G don' t have a cable video output to play on TV because they only have USB 2.0)


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Hi Riccardo,
We're currently debugging this but so far it seems like an unusually tough nut to crack. In the meantime I recommend using a third-party alternative for streaming. You can add it to Game Genie as a floating app for quicker access.

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Hi Gustav_ASUS,
thank you very much for the Idea of adding a third-party app for streaming to Game Genie.
It works for a temporary workaround! 😀
At least now I don' t need to send the Phone back to tradingshenzhen 😉👍️.
I just added the "Omlet Arcade" app to the Armoury Crate and also PUBG Mobile (it should work the same with any game) and I was able to access the Game Genie features while streaming over Omlet Arcade to Youtube. And with Omlet Arcade there are no sound errors at all, but unluckily 1080p streaming is only available with a watermark that stops monetarisation on Youtube videos - and to remove it it costs a monthly fee for the "pro" version...
-> Do you know a streaming alternative to omlet arcade?

-> The Game Genie audio bug is a software problem and no hardware problem right?
-> Do you already know if it happens only with the chinese tencent version of the ASUS ROG Phone 3 or also with the other global versions?

I wish you a good succes for bugfixing - please keep us updated on your effords to fix this bug.

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Hi Gustav_ASUS,

do you have any update regarding this bug?
Could you please answer to my questions from last post?

Good luck fixing the bug further 😉👍