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Stock camera Vs Gcam

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Hi all,
I have been taking few pics with the ROG 3 using the stock camera and gcam. Here are some side by side comparisons of the two.
The first pic is taken indoors in low light using the night modes in both cameras. I personally prefer the gcam one on the left. Look at the text on the mat. There is more contrast.
The next one is also taken with night mode. Again the gcam produces better shots. Look at the bird. The stock camera pic looks a little washed out.
Pictures taken outside tell a similar story. Again I prefer the gcam version. Look at the ripples in the water. Stock cam seems to do shadows better. The pics of the bird was taken at 4x zoom.
The next one is a lot harder to distinguish. I have no preference here. Both pics are good.
Once again the more contrast-y one from gcam looks better to me. Although the colours pop more on the stock cam images. Some people might prefer that.
Finally, the flower looks better on the stock cam. However it is quite close. Colours again are more vibrant on the stock cam.
I think I prefer the shots from gcam about 7 out of 10 times. Like the pixel 4 camera, gcam on the ROG 3 has more contrast and perhaps more detail. When the pictures aren't washed out looking, the colours look better on the stock camera.
I hope Asus will continue making improvements to the camera app.

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What version of GCam are you using?

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What version of GCam are you using?

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Version Not sure if this is latest one.

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Can you give the link for gcam

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John p

Can you give the link for gcam

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Unfortunately I can't post links. Go to XDA-developers forum.