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Can anyone recommend me a great good Stylus for Gaming with my ROG Phone 3 ??

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High Guys,
I don't even know if there is something good on the market for ROG Phones, so far I'm using this cheap one from my next near Market:
but I would love to have one which is finer and not just thick rubber. For example like a Galaxy Note Pen, but I also know that S Pens just work on Galaxy Tablet ( correct me if I'm wrong ).
Any good recommendation for a ROG Phone 3?
I also use the original ROG 3 Screen Protector if this Info is necessary.
I'm thanking in advanced for any Suggestions.
It's mostly for Games like Dokkan Battle or DB Legends, Games that are NOT played vertical.


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The reason its as thick as it is is because it needs to cover a lot of surface area to be relaible.
Modern touch screens work through electromagnetic induction. This is why you can also use a knife or a spoon as a potential stylus if thats what you want. The stylus you're using is no exception, all it does is transfering electriciy from your finger tips to the tip of the stylus. If they make it thinner it starts to become very unreliable and very useless.
The stylus on the note series work similair to how stylus work on a surface pro. They emmit an RF signal to the digitizer and give the display information on pressure, how its tilted and whatnot, it's far more fancy.
Since you lack a digitizer that can communicate with a pen like that, you automaticly cannot use any high quality pen.
There is 1 pen that would work well but is very expensive, it would not have any pressure levels and whatnot, it would just work like a normal finger, wheter or not its worth it for you, you have to decide that. You can watch reviews on the Wacom Bamboo Tip, but as I mentioned, it's quite pricey, but is the only pen that I know of that is thin and reliable. Other pens that are thinner are just terrible.