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Battery Draining very fast

I have ROG 3. From last two's battery is draining very new apps installed.. factory reset done, attached software and hardware Information.. battery usage..
Kindly help it is draining like 3000 mah even 3000 mah will work more than it
After new update it is coming..
Kindly help in getting this sorted

Rahul Singh

@Gustav_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @fussion_ASUS
Moderators Please help

Community Legend III
First off, please check what your idle system drain is like by doing the following:
Charge your device to 100% before going to bed.
Put the phone in flight mode and note down the time.
Check your battery level in the morning and note the time, this will give you drain per hour.
Get back to me with your results tomorrow and we can take it from there.


As per your recommendation and suggestions,
I had Fully charged my phone upto 100 % and put the phone in flight mode..

In morning the battery drained and remains only 50 % screen shot attached please do the!

Hi @Gustav_ASUS please help