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Airtel Vowifi. Why isn't it working and when can we expect the fix?

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Rog 3 vowifi works on jio but not on airtel. Why is there a discrimination? and also you are talking about the 2nd top network in india. Why isn't there a fix and why the asus manufacturers can't understand this? Why did i pay 48k for a phone which does not offer a small vowifi feature with the 2nd largest network of the country? Did i make a mistake? Asus manufacturers please either provide services which all asus phone holders are asking. We pay our earned money to make sure we get all services which we expect. After paying 48k on a phone which doesn't support airtel vowifi, should i buy a new phone now and who is responsible to give this amount for the new phone?

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Hi TheBigGuy,
Apology for the delay, I totally agree and this is the reason why I am pushing to get it working. ROG Phone 5 has got it activated. Working to get it activated on ROG Phone 3. Need some more time on this. Appreciate your patience
Also, it isn't a issue mere a check from ASUS and Airtel to get it activated. Also, some software check before it can be rolled out.

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Sir i can understand it might take some time but its 7 months now. I have bought my phone in November 2020 and we are in July 2021. And i am sure i am not the only one to face the same concern. Please understand paying 48k for a phone and after purchasing it you come to know you cannot use it. It definitely hurts.