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zenui zenfone zc553kl

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zenui zenfone zc553kl. The issue is, i keep get this reminder appear in my screen warning 'zenui keyboard has been stopped'. Unable to get through key in all apps and reset factory. Please help and guide me. thank you


Hi, serai2109.
Could you please provide the current firmware version?
Please refer to the link for the troubleshooting steps. If there is an inoperable part of the process, please let me know which step is inoperable.
Please follow steps below for troubleshooting:
  1. Make sure the appearance of keyboard and the force feedback of press keys are intact
  2. Make sure the keyboard configuration and input method are match with your physical keyboard and input method that you need
  3. Update firmware to latest version:Settings > About > System update > Check Update
  4. Access Safe Mode by long pressing power key > tapping and holding Power Off > tapping OK
    If your tablet works well in Safe Mode, there may be some 3rd apps that cause malfunction
    Please reboot your tablet and check again if it works well
  5. Backup your data and perform factory data reset

Keyboard no work
Thank you.

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