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Zenfone ZE552Kl call log

HiMy zenfone3 ze552kl has an awfully short call log history.It keeps the calls log for less than 2 month and thats terrible.How can I extend it to a longer time period or higher number of call?

Zenfone lite L1 is not starting

I was using my phone and suddenly it powered off. I tried to turn it on but it won't turn on. I plugged in the charger but only red light blinks.I tried different charges, hold power and volume rockers but nothing seem to work.My Zenfone lite L1 is ...

Update ultra 3

Mijn zenfone ultra 3 is gestopt met updaten , de laatste is 7 .Kan het nog verder dan update 7 ??

Zc520tl I need to unlock bootloader

Zc520tl I need to unlock bootloader android 7 x008dNRD90M.WW_Phone-14.10.1708.58-20170814APK unlock tools error network filed appears that there is a network error try laterAnd what is ZC520TL) Android 7 Kernel Source Code zip? What happens to Asus...

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Android update

Hello, I have asus Z00_AD. I need to update Android to newer version. Is there a way to download and install update if there is no new update in the settings?Thank youJan

Bootloader unlocking and relocking policy ?

I'm considering buying an ASUS phone because it's not made in mainland China. One day, updates will stop so in order to safely continue using the phone I'll need to flash a community supported firmware onto the phone. 1) What is ASUS' policy to bootl...