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Z690-P won't boot. No beep. No graphics.

Star I
I have a Prime Z690-P motherboard. I'm building a Ubuntu Linux server. But when I power-on I don't hear any beeps and I find that there are no graphics either. My research suggests that the BIOS needs to be reprogrammed. How can I reprogram the motherboard in the field? I can't use EZ Flash since the system isn't running. And USB BIOS Flashback doesn't seem to be an option too since I don't see a BIOS button.
I would appreciate some advice here before I try to reseat the CPU.

Hello, jameshofmann .
The ZenTalk forum does not provide Q&As about motherboard classification.
If you have any related questions, please contact the Call Center for further assistance at the link below.

Call Us | Official Support | ASUS Global
Meanwhile, it is recommended that you download the user manual and confirm the details of the corresponding model on the official website.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Rising Star II
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