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ZenFone 11 is probably another Rog 8 pro without LED

Star I

ZenFone 11 Ultra Model name is the same as Rog 8 and 8 pro, which AI2401.

Reference to pass year ZenFone 9 is AI2202, Rog 6 is AI2201, same ZenFone 10 AI2302, Rog 7 AI 2301.

I have been guessing ZenFone and Rog phone department going to merge or cancelling ZenFone department since the rumours said so. Now my unreliable guess seems become true.


Star I

Along with the announced Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra, will there also be a standard, compact version of the Zenfone 11 (not Ultra) with the same screen diagonal as the Zenfone 10? But with the same hardware specification as the Ultra model. Maybe only with a smaller battery, if that would be a requirement for more compact dimensions of the phone.