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Hello I have a mother board I have been trying to update but the serial number sticker is ripped how can I get the sn our register it 

Prime X670E PRO WiFi Memory Issues

I have the above mentioned motherboard with the followingRyzen 9 7950x ChipsetCorsair Vengance DDR5 AMD EXPO rated 128GB (32 x4 ) I can run on 2 sticks but any more and the system won't POST. Are these boards really limited to 2 sticks of memory, des...

Iran Daylight Saving Time(DST)

HelloI am using a ASUS_X018D in Iran. Properly, Iran used daylight saving time(DST). But this year, the government have decided to remove it. So our time wouldn't changed with one hour addition. But my phone has changed my time automatically. I need ...

Asus Shooting

Hello, DearAsus family I am Berk Demir Fashion Stylist. I worked as a Stylist in the Asus Global shooting in August 2022. How can I find the photos? I want to use them for my portfolio. If you can help me, I will be very happy.

ASUS Prime A320M-K and Crucial P3 M2 SSD 1TB

Hello, I'm hoping this is the right forum to post my question.I just installed a Crucial P3 M2 SSD with 1TB on my ASUS Prime A320M-K mother board.However, After that, the pc won't boot anymore and it's not even loading the BIOS.All 4 SATA connectors ...

fphilip by Star I
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Graphics card fan

ROG Strix towerCannot see the screen for more than a few seconds. I hear a fan trying to rev up and failing. Bought the PC a few weeks ago, minimal use, in a room with minimal dust, no damage to the PC. Has been sitting in the same spot since deliver...

jackjv by Star I
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Need help with bios password

Uefi needs password but i dont have my kid locked it some how can anyone help i don't want todish out a lot of money to get fixed

new PC preloaded with someone else's MyASUS account?

I just bought a new ASUS PC. The MyASUS window shows someone else's account listed there. I have not had a MyASUS account before.Did I actually get a new computer or has someone else owned this before me? Could this be a Quality Assurance check befor...

JBouley by Star I
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keyboard and graphics not working on TUF A617NS-N3085SW

I actually run Ubuntu 22.04 and bought asus, while they actually advertised this as linux compatabil.Problem is here, graphics aren't supported yet, get a fatal error on initialization. even worse, is that the internal keyboard is not working.but a l...