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Rog flow x16 different variants...what are main differences?

Star I

Hello .. I'm willing to buy ROG Flow X16 GV601RW

However, I found many variants for that model with the exact same specs :

ROG Flow X16 GV601RW-M5082W

ROG Flow X16 GV601RW-GRY19W

ROG Flow X16 GV601 GV601RW-M5110X


What are the differences so I can choose the best?




Although the ones you listed are all GV601RW, the actual sales specifications are still slightly different due to the different codes behind them. 
The following is our official website specification information for your reference. 
Thank you.

So shall the line production management know about such thing? Can you link me to them or even ask them? 

Since the specifications sold in each country/region may be different, it is recommended that you inquire with your local dealer or customer service. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

No inconvenience my friend but no local dealer know about that code....