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Prime X670E PRO WiFi Memory Issues

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I have the above mentioned motherboard with the following

Ryzen 9 7950x Chipset

Corsair Vengance DDR5 AMD EXPO rated 128GB (32 x4 ) 

I can run on 2 sticks but any more and the system won't POST. Are these boards really limited to 2 sticks of memory, despite being rated for 128GB @ over 6400?



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Hello, I have the X670-pro board purchased almost 2 months ago and since the first day I am having difficulty using the kingston KF560C36BBEA-16 memory, two 16GB, sometimes the board does not recognize the memory. I need to turn on/off to recognize it.


I have already contacted Kingston and they tell me to test with another memory, but I don't have other DDR5 memories to test... but first I thought of asking you if this board requires some configuration to be done to recognize the memories?

I don't know if it's a problem with the memories, I believe not because it works sometimes.. but I'm going to test with these memories that I mentioned that I got on the Asus website from the test memory list.. ALTHOUGH THIS ONE from Kingston is on the list

obs: memories are placed according to manual orientation, in the two gray one each, A2/B2 but black bus A1/B1 tried several times did not manage to recognize any only gray bus B2/A2. I did EXPO II but I tried with EXPO I and also without overclocking.
I updated the BIOS.

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