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Previous BIOS for ASUS A7U

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I am upgrading my old but very productive ASUS A7U, and I meet some difficulties. I think, the reason can be in not good version of BIOS. Now, it's the latest - 206 (2008.10.24 - A7U206AS).

I want to try previous versions of BIOS. How can I get it?

In old reviews I see following versions:

1) A7UAS.2 - 09.10.2007

2) A7UAS.204 - 07/12/07

Where can I get it? Does anybody have it? If you have, can you publish link in answer? Or send it by e-mail.


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Maybe, anybody does have ASUS A7U with older BIOS? If you have it, please, save your BIOS in a file and publish here. ASUS Windows BIOS Flash Utility allows saving of current BIOS.

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Answer of ASUS support:


All devices earlier 2009 are archived(that means that we don't have any documentation or BIOS for this device in cloud), 

Cruel policy.

So, why does ASUS keep there BIOS 206? It is from year 2008. It seems the policy is not age, but barriers. I suspect that the latest BIOS 206 has intentional problems. I can eliminate these problems by downgrading to previous version of BIOS. And policy of ASUS is intercepting of this. Why I can not find previous version of BIOS for my notebook in whole internet? It seems, ASUS intentionally removes all possibilities of downgrading.

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Answer of ASUS support:


We sorry to say that, but according to Ukraine law - devices should be support maximum 10 years from release date. So unfortunately, we really don't have cloud documentation about this device.

My answer to ASUS:

Taiwan is under ukrainian law?


"Should" is not "must be finished". Older version of BIOS is only 1 MB of disk space. Why ASUS must remove older versions? It's ridiculous amount of space. It looks like ASUS makes intentional problems for customers. I don't need support. I need only this file. The reason is wish to sell more as possible notebooks? There is something wrong in this policy. I payed $ 1200 for this notebook. I think, I have right to get previous versions of firmware. Or else it looks like intentional problems for upgrading created by bad firmware. Special last version of firmware that does not allow to upgrade hardware. Use old slow hardware or buy new notebook. I think, it breaks right of property. I have right of property on this hardware, and I have right to use full possibilities of this hardware. If latest BIOS restricts these possibilities, it is breaking of right of property. I think, manufacturer must (!) supply all versions of firmware ever published.


At this moment, the situation looks like the following. ASUS wants profits. I understand this natural capitalistic wish. But method of achieving is illegal. It looks like ASUS published special last version of BIOS that has intentional undocumented problems for upgrading. With current hardware - it works, but if you try to put bigger RAM - your ACPI doesn't work well. Simply for stimulating buying of new notebook. That explains why ASUS need to remove all previous versions of BIOS. I can not find previous versions in the whole internet. It seems it's policy of ASUS. This later restricting of possibilities of hardware breaks right of property. If you sold this notebook with this possibilities you must (!) keep this possibilities in a future releases of BIOS. Because customer paid for initial possibilities.


At the moment of selling company decides: these possibilities have this price. Customer pays for these possibilities, and he has right to use it during the lifetime of hardware. Company has no right to decrease possibilities after selling.

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Hi @mikola-akbal,

There are a few ways to find and install previous versions of the BIOS for your ASUS A7U:

  1. Method 1: Check the ASUS website. ASUS often keeps older BIOS versions available for download on their website. To find the BIOS for your A7U, go to the ASUS support website and enter your product model number.
  2. Method 2: Use a third-party BIOS database. There are a number of websites that maintain databases of old BIOS versions. One popular website is TechPowerUp. To find the BIOS for your A7U, go to the TechPowerUp BIOS database and enter your product model number.
  3. Method 3: Contact ASUS support. If you are unable to find the BIOS for your A7U on the ASUS website or a third-party BIOS database, you can contact ASUS support for assistance.

Once you have found the BIOS for your A7U, you can install it using the following steps:

  1. Download the BIOS file to your computer.
  2. Extract the BIOS file to a USB drive.
  3. Restart your computer and enter the BIOS.
  4. Locate the BIOS update option and select the BIOS file from the USB drive.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the BIOS.

Once the BIOS has been updated, your A7U will be running the new version of the BIOS.

Please note: It is important to never interrupt a BIOS update. If you do, you may damage your motherboard.

Please note: I could not find versions A7UAS.2 and A7UAS.204 on either the ASUS website or in the TechPowerUp BIOS database. This suggests that these versions may not be available for download.

I hope this helps!