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How to upgrade laptop memory through ASUS official site?

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I have an ASUS TUF FX517ZC laptop. It came with 8GB ddr4 4800mhz. Sepcs show it supports ddr5 upto 2x16GB modules. 

Is there an official site for asus where I can purchase memory modules? I cannot find any asus website that sells them and other sites like crucial either do not recognize the model or recommend 5200mhz and upto 64gb capacity, which does not seem accurate.


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Hey @papasam you can visit nearesr Service centre Link shared  below. They will make an order for upgrading Memory same will be installed by them so that warranty wont be void .

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Thank you for the info. I was hoping I could order online though. Why would upgrading the memory void the warranty?

Unfortunately, we do not sell memory modules online. We suggest you refer to information provided by other users, visit a nearby service center for paid memory upgrades, or purchase memory modules independently.

Your laptop has two memory slots, and a single slot supports a maximum of 16GB. In total, the laptop can be upgraded to 32GB of memory (DDR5 4800Mhz). Thank you. 
** If the motherboard is damaged when replacing the memory, it will affect the warranty.
If you can't replace it by yourself, please bring the laptop and the parts you would like to install to our service center and let our engineers install it for you.