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[HELP] ROG GU502GU can't fix Realtek audio drivers

System: Windows 10
Battery or AC:
Model: ROG Zephyrus M GU502GU
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
Hi, I've been fighting to get my audio sound to work but I'm close to giving up. I've tried the official realtek drivers from realtek website, but the headphones won't work, only the integrated speakers. I've already tried all the obvious fixes that you can find on all the forums, including uninstalling the old drivers, checking the sound control panel etc... When I try to install the drivers from the GU502GU Asus support, I have no output sound at all. I've tried lots of drivers from various websites, none will work. I've updated all my other drivers, including the last version of the BIOS. I don't know ho to fix this as I'm running out of otpions. If you have any suggestion that would be really helpful.

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Hello Louis,
What kind of headphone did you plug in? did you try another one?
If you enter safe mode, does the same issue happen?
It is possible that there is some problem with the jack instead of the driver, we would need to cross check to find out.
Thank you.

Hi, I think it's started when I updated windows 10 a few days ago, so I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue. Ihaven't tried safe mode, I will try that now. And try I've tried different headphones, same issue.

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I am having the same issue after the updated windows 10! My microphone is working, but I have NO sound coming into headphones. HELP!!! What's even weird, I go into my settings looking for my driver, but it doesn't find it...
I need to be able to hear for not only my classes, but for work. ugh!

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Dear both,
May you specify which update is it? you may check in Windows update history.
Thank you.