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(Help!) Experience with the Strix x670e-i?

Star I

I bought the Asus strix x670e-i motherboard after months of waiting (for fixes and new releases) and I had ran into nothing but troubles these past few weeks. I'm tired of troubleshooting and debugging so many crashes and BSODs with my 7950x3d. As long as CPU Performance Boost was on, the board crashes within 15 minutes. PBO off, expo off, and default settings still yield same results. At first, I tried swapping ram to 2x32gb@6000Mhz from Gskill TridentZ that is "amd optimized". Nothing changed. Thought it might be the motherboard, so switched to the Asus B650e-i motherboard. Stilu BSOD ~15 minutes in. I thought it may be the CPU, so I bought another 7950x3d. Now, it doesnt even give me BSODs, it just completely restarts system, again, in ~15 minutes. Yet, without cpu boost, the system can run stable indefinitely, even with PBO enabled and EXPO I turned on. However, stuck to 4.2 base clock speeds is not why I bought this CPU. I couldn't even finish clean installing windows without the system crashing a few times and network drivers showing up as broken. Does anyone have experience with this board, and is there any fixes at all? Any news on upcoming x670e / am5 ITX motherboards?



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