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Fresh Windows install on new SSD

Star I

I'm thinking of purchasing an Asus Tuf A15, which only comes with a 512GB SSD. I plan to remove this drive and install two larger SSDs (will be running both Windows and Linux).

How easy is it to do a fresh Windows install on a new SSD and have all the custom Asus software work as expected?

I expect I need to do the Windows install and then head over to the Asus website to grab the drivers for my laptop model? I hear some people say they need to be installed in a certain order though. Sounds a bit finicky to be honest...

I appreciate any advice or guidance you might be able to share with me!



Unfortunately, from our standpoint, we are unable to provide advice on the installation of a dual system.
As for the installation order of Windows drivers, we suggest referring to the following.
Thank you.
[Notebook] The suggested sequence of installation drivers