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CPU levles always spiking upto 10 degrees and back down. System running hot

Star I
System: Asus Tuf A15
Battery or AC: AC/230W
Model: FA506IV - HN294T
Frequency of occurrence: high
Reset OS: Once, the issue continued.
Screenshot or video
Detailed description:
Hi Team,
The temperature levels of my CPU (Ryzen 9 4900H) keep on fluctuating when the laptop is in use under Turbo mode.
I have seen videos on YouTube and compared the thermal statistics ( of different models and other variants of the TUF series) and found that though the temperatures rise but it is constant in nature and stops at a certain number.
However, the thermals in my system keep fluctuating at alarming levels e.g., it keeps fluctuating from 92 degrees Celsius and spikes all the way up to 105 degrees Celsius when gaming in turbo mode with settings maxed out.
I understand that the system is operating at full capacity and hence the temperatures. My concern lies with the constant spiking and if it is normal in nature. Also, the rise in temperature results in throttling as the CPU cores do not reach their full limit but hover around 3600 Mhz against its limit of 4200mhz. It also seems the RTX 2060 chipset throttles too.
There is a difference in temperature readings in armoury crate against the other softwares that I use.
For e.g., Nvidia Frameview shows the temperature spiking between 94-104 degrees Celcius but Armoury crate shows the temperature clocked at 92 degrees. The same is the case with AIDA64.
My CPU temperatures touch 100 degrees easily when spiking under usage for gaming and this sounds concerning to me.
Is there anything you'd suggest to help me with my concern? It would be of great help.
Kind Regards,


Community Legend II
Hello prashdey6,
May I know your BIOS version?
And may you provide more description when the device exceed 95 degrees?
Like in which game, and how long have you played the game before it hits 100.
And this issue only appears in Turbo mode? The other modes are fine?
Thank you.