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Payment link not received

I've opted for extended warranty but i haven't received payment link yet i've purchased Asus TUF F-15 2023 on 9th July

ROG Ally sd card issue

 I was playing Diablo 4 plugged in I decided to use it. I played for about 1/2hr or so and then shut down the game. Once I was back at the desktop I noticed that things were moving a bit slow so I decided to reboot the Ally. Upon rebooting everything...

chepset by Star I
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Where is xmp for fx506he?

I had 2*8 gb of ram 3200mhz, upgraded to 2*16 gb of 3200, but since i checked cpu-z, task manager etc, i saw 2 things1) timings are wrong2) its not 3200 but 2667 mhz instead of 3200On my pc with asus motherboard i used to just turn on xmp profile, bu...

cooling pad for Zephyrus m16

I need to buy new cooling pad . witch models and brands are good for zephyrus m16please write cooling pad models and names thanks

pooya28 by Star I
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Resolved! Speakers not working

Hi!The speakers of my asus laptop are not working properly. Sometimes, it start working for a little while and then stop. Is there anyone who can help me?Thanks,Regards,

Black lines on asus tuf f15 got worse

After a fews days of not using my laptop the problem was worse the balck line was converted to 80% of balck screen and after few hours pf using it turns back to balck liens and the charger is removed everything disappear and its a good screen and aft...

Cyruz0p by Star I
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matte coat

My Laptop Matte coat is coming off and now it really looks bad. Please let me know why this has happened. It started when I had the Laptop for only 4 months and now it is almost a year and it really looks bad.

Ava-MN by Star I
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Resolved! Dark lines on asus tuf f15 laptops screen

There is this black lines on my laptop screen and after a few daws the  screen was like all black but after the charger is removed the screen is refreshed and all the lines disappear and when the charger is plugged in the lines come back 

Cyruz0p by Star I
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How many ram slots do i have?

I have asus tuf f15 laptopfx506hein task manager i can see that currently 2 of 4 slots is in use and i have 16gb, i want upgrade to 32gb and i dont know, cause i never seen a laptop with 4 slots, and i dont wanna buy 2 sticks of ram for nothing, so h...

Power surge detected

 I changed new smps but still it's show's power surge detected what can I do?