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So I'm using a ASUS m415da Ryzen 3 Radeon graphics card, and i seem to not find a sd slot???Pleas respond i think i just bought a 500gb SD for no reason...

dice by Star I
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Keyboard backlight not active

my device is asus tuf fx505dy,so my original keyboard get broken so i changed with new keyboard but from another type of asus tuf, after i change it everything works fine except the backlight/RGB not turning on i've already reinstall then driver and ...

Ukasa by Star I
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firmware problem

hihow to enable tpm 2 in my asus motherboard WS C621E SAGE

shek00o by Star I
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Boot troubleshoot/cant access bios

A few months ago, i was concerned about access security on my laptop, so I set up a boot password on bios settings. Until yesterday, everything was fine. Well, today I just turned on my laptop, and with no reason, when I try to write the boot passwor...

Utech2 by Star I
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Resolved! Z13 - Armoury Crate

I am so done with the software of this Tablet from Asus. My install for armoury crate was having issues, so I goto use the uninstall tool. It's not working. Now I have no armoury crate (which I need for the xg) a uninstaller not working and a install...

Resolved! Questions about asus pn40 (j4005)

#Asus PN40 mini pci have searched everywhere for this info. but couldn't find anything helpful. • does it have fan?• does it support nvme ssd? (not the normal ones)• if it does what's the maximum size the pc can take?• any limitations on 2.5" hdd siz...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Are ASUS laptops reliable?

I'm looking for a new laptop rn and have been considering buying the Asus vivobook 15 OLED, but am not sure if it's a safe buy since I'm also an owner of an Asus Zenfone 5, which has the problem that the camera went blurry for many users, including m...

FX506HM BIOS Update

Hi, I'd like to request for a new BIOS updates from ASUS for the 2021 TUF Gaming F15 Laptop. Your new 2022 TUF F15 laptops have fan and voltage control, so why don't you give us the same features as well? 

Model number not recognized

ASUS support site does not recognize  my model number (X53E-BH71-CA).  I want to check Support for driver updates.  This is an old laptop over 10 yrs old so I suspect drivers and other support is no longer available.  Can anyone confirm? Thanks,fsigo...