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ROG Duo 16 2023 - ScreenXpert Settings Can’t Open

ScreenXpert3 Settings button cannot open. I reinstalled, reset it, cannot solve. I updated drivers, cannot solve. Please help.. It’s a totally new laptop I just turned it on, so disappointing. I messaged to support and they did not even emailed me ba...

rog scar 16 (2023) and raid 0

i just bought the rog scar (2023), model G634JZ-NM002X. I noticed there are 2 NVME , 1TB+1TB , in RAID 0. i don't want the RAID0. If i delete the RAID 0 from bios, the installed Windows 11 pro would delete too; Do i have to reinstall it again; If yes...

costas by Star I
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Asus ROG x13- touch screen not working and missing driver

Hi all,I just picked up a new Asus ROG flow x13. Come to find out when I bring it home the touch screen is not working at all. When I go to system-about, under pen and touch it says “No pen or touch input is available for this display”. When I try to...

dumit by Star I
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Dual Monitors for ASUS S410U Laptop - Help.

Looking for a way to use 2 monitors with this laptop. I have 2 Dell monitors for my Dell work laptop that use the USB-C output on the Dell laptop to a Dell docking station where the 2 older monitors are connected with DisplayPort.My ASUS laptop outpu...

farcas by Star I
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Product Registration Failed

Hello!I keep getting this message - Product Registration Failed. Product is already Registered.. SN : M9N0C********** MODEL : M3500QC-L1266

Somebody stole my laptop

One of my friends stole my laptop. How can i find my laptop, its location? 

ABROR1 by Star I
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Product Registration error

Hi, I recently bought a ROG laptop I tried to register it in My Asus app but it is saying already registered and product doesn't show up in my products tab in My Asus app.Laptop :  Asus ROG Strix G17 2022 m contact email : tho******

TROX by Star I
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Laptop constantly breaks down

i recently bought a asus gaming laptop. i only play a few games.. but a few weeks ago it started to become very laggy and i couldnt do anything on it without waiting hours for it to load. i reset it, i updated it i let it rest for a day and it was st...

Graphic card not found.

HiI uninstalled the Nvidia graphic kard in divice manager. Now it´s gone . When i try to install the drivers the graphic card is not found. "There is no compatible device"How can i make the computer find the card again?RegardsTopper.

Topper by Star I
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how to fix screen glitching on A409FJ

#A409FJmy laptop is so odd when i turn on the laptop the charging port is blinking, so i waited and get blackscreen and i try to resetteng the driver using ctrl+windows+shift+b and it work but the screen is glitchingi don't know its overheating, but ...