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ASUS TUF FA507XI.307 Can't update bios to 308, blackscreen

Star I

I cant update BIOS, blank screen keep coming, already trying but not works. In my model, after 15 second, light on power already shutdown.

There's 2 method to update BIOS, I'm trying all but not works:

1. Windows installation download from MyASUS, after restart is black screen

2. Flashing with usb (format with Fat32), stuck after restart in black screen

My BIOS version is 307, previously setting secureboot is disabled due to Linux installation on second drive. After can't update BIOS on dual boot, I decided to run ASUS Cloud Recovery (this process wipe out all drive sadly)

After fresh install still can't update the BIOS.


Star I

Thank you, after bought 8gb sodimm 4800 ddr5 for 33usd, my bios get updated