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Asus Tuf F15 FX506LH - Problem with HDMI External Display No Image

Star I
System: Win 10 x64
Battery or AC: Both
Model: Tuf F15
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No
Screenshot or video: No
Detailed description:
Hi everybody, i am a new user of Asus laptop and really happy about it.
My laptop has a Intel UHD Graphics + Nvidia GTX 1650.
I usually use a chrome cast and it worked perfectly but now i try to plug a TV screen on the only HDMI port but i keep getting no signal on the TV.
However the computer do recognize a TV is connected but no signal (always).
I updated both drivers to the latest. I checked the BIOS but no option for multi monitor and it is up to date (309 version).
I tried to put the laptop screen in 60 HZ and try to lower the resolution but nothing works.
I tried Duplicate and Extend mode but it doesn't work.
TV setting in HDMI activated and cable work with monitor.
I can't find any other way. Anybody have the same problem ? How to solve it ?
Thanks in advance.


Community Legend II
Hi there,
Can I have the brand and model of the TV?
Thank you.