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Asus Rox Strix G713QR

Hi there:

I want to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
I noticed that only there are 3 drivers for Windows 11 and there is no GPU driver for Windows 11.
What should I do?

Thank you

Star II
I have the same Laptop. You are fine to update to windows 11. All of your current OEM drivers will work. However, the Nvidia driver from Nvidia has issues past 465.x.. as in NVDisplay Container will crash but this was a problem on Windows 10 too. Stick with the OEM / Windows update drivers for it and you shouldn't have that problem.

Zen Master I
I dont have this model laptop, but I have installed Nvidia developer beta WHQL signed driver ( 510.06) is working fine on windows 11 RTM 64bit

Star II
I just cleaned my nvidia driver using DDU and installed 510.06 (the current latest dev driver). It seems really stable and the nvdisplay container crash isn't there. Ty for pointing that driver out.

Community Legend II
Hi there,
Please use Windows update at this moment.
More driver will be released after verification.
Thank you.