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Personal Wish: A Dragon Crest Ultrabook with Dual Drives and XG Mobile

Zen Master II
While Rembrandt-U looks good, Dragon Crest have lower TDP, yet still have EDNA Based Navi 2 CPU.
The XG-Mobile dock is a good idea, why limited it to one product? Should put 1 in every Ryzen based devices. And come up with desktop XG Stations that use the same connectors.
A 11~12", 8:5 or 3:2 device, preferably a detachable, but a convertible would be fine as well, with dual drives would be nice. If dual SSD takes up too much space, then 1 SSD + 1 UFS would be nice. or give both a mSD slot and a UFS card slot, and let the USF be read as internal memory instead of removable, so it can be used for virtual memory and stretch disk. Having at least one USB-4 and one USB-A 3.2 on top of the mSD slot would be nice. 3.5mm and HDMI can be put on a USB-C dongle, with extra USB-A ports and its own USB-C port for charging the laptop with the dongle is attached.
If not Rembrandt-U or Dragon Crest with XG Mobile dock, then a 12 Gen UP4 class i5 with at least one TB4 would be nice. And since it's an Intel processor, it'd be good to have 16GB Optane + 1TB SSD, together with one UFS Card Slot. Or one 16GB Optane + 256GB SSD, together with a 1TB eUFS.
Please ASUS, make such a product when the next generation of Ultramobile CPUs are out.