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ASUS A17 FA707RE Freezing Issues

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Hi Everyone,

Thought i'd share some experience with this laptop.

It seems to overheat, which causes the laptop to freeze/games to crash. After diagnosing the issue quite deeply. I have found that the solution was to set manual profiles with the armoury crate to help alleviate the weird fan profile settings from turbo and such. This helped tremendously.

My settings are as follows but of a first draft. Someone with apt knowledge could help better them.


40%/39C - 60%/49C -70%/59C - 90%/69C - 100%/79C+


40%/39C - 61%/49C - 82%/59C - 100%/69C+

The above settings helps keep the CPU and GPU cool under strain alleviating the freezing issues etc. The following drivers are used with the versions detailed. (It was not even a driver related issue)


31.0.12029.10015 (Adrenaline 22.11.2)

NVIDIA RTX 3050Ti (NVIDIA 516.91)

Hopefully this will help the ASUS community. The turbo mode, silent and performance mode settings on the armoury crate never utilize the full potential of the fans causing the overheating issues and freezing issues. Possibly have not been customized in specific for this model.


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Just an update to this thread,

I've dialled the issue down to driver related issues.

I've purged the pc of all known graphics drivers and installed the following which gives the computer complete stability



31.0.12029.10015 (Adrenaline 22.11.2)

The NVIDIA Driver was taken from the ASUS website itself (It was JUST THE DRIVER ONLY) and the AMD Driver was taken from the AMD Website but i chose to install ONLY the driver.

Furthermore I used DDU v18.0.5.9 to uninstall the graphic drivers.

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