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Armoury Crate lowers FPS by 30% on certain games

Star I


My laptop (Zephyrus M16) acted odd so service clean installed Win 11. This actually went wrong partly but games, including Palworld and Wayfinder, runs at ~30% higher FPS.

I tested this and installed Armoury Crate, so FPS did drop a lot from 120-140 to 80-90 FPS (1600p, epic settings). Nothing else changed, I just installed Armoury Crate and restarted the PC.

Uninstalled Armoury Crate and FPS jumped back to 110-130, something strange because it was a bit higher after clean Win 11 install. So I have no idea what Armoury Crate is doing because it did not matter which was the setting, performance or turbo, the FPS was the same!

Any ideas why or anyone else noticed similar issues? I would like to adjust keyboard colour for example and AnimeMatrix etc.. Any other software for those?



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