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Any chance for BIOS update to allow disabling fTPM?

Rising Star I
System: Windows 10 64-bit
Battery or AC: AC
Model: Zephyrus G15 GA503QS
Frequency of occurrence: Random
Reset OS: Too Many Times
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:Hello, since AMD have officially acknowledged the fTPM stutter issues that have been plaguing me since getting my laptop, would it be possible for ASUS to release a new version of my laptop's BIOS that allows me to disable fTPM until and if an actual fix arrives? I know AMD claims to have something in the works but it still requires waiting at least until May, and even then it might not even work in the end. In any case I'd like to be able to disable fTPM, I don't think it's right to force it on me.
Unfortunately the support in my country is a complete travesty (they still ignore the fTPM issue even though it's been in news media and AMD themselves said the issue exists, in fact before the issue got official recognition they went as far as trying to convince me that 1. my laptop doesn't have any TPM and 2. that AMD chipsets don't support TPM in general) so I can't get any assistance from them.

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Rising Star I
You know what BIOS my Laptop has, why are you wasting my time?
Notice the lack of Trusted Computing you should know already isn't there.
And before you tell me to check the Security tab
Nothing about TPM, and Windows still had working TPM with Secure Boot Control disabled, so clearly it's not related.
Please contact your BIOS folk and tell them to add the Trusted Computing option to my BIOS.

Rising Star II
Hi there,
We already forward this request to related department for the future improvement.
Thank you.

Rising Star I
Thank you very much, I appreciate it.