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ZenWifi XD5 LAN port

Star I

i bought a pair of XD5 zenwifi router for my home.

when i setup the main unit, i noticed that the LAN port is showing public IP adderss when i connecte my laptop.

I have already connected WAN/LAN port to my telco ONT. Internet is working but LAN port still show WAN IP instead of the LAN subnet of 192.168.50.xx/24.

is there any settings for the LAN port?

WIFI clients is working fine using 192.168.50.xx/24 ip address. 


Rising Star II

It should work normally as a LAN port.

I was confused where you were seeing the WAN IP on the XD5 LAN port?  So if you type that WAN IP into a web browser does it go to the XD5 log in page?  It's supposed to be unless you changed it.

yes, the behaviour is strange. i did not try typing the WAN IP into web browser.

LAN port getting public ip address from my ISP. 

i did not change the setting, except change from to for router main login page.

Rising Star II

Ahh.  So you changed the XD5 local IP to  If so please try to change/verify the LAN DHCP range to/is -  Your devices, both ethernet and WiFi, should get assigned IPs in the form .  (At least this is to my understanding good practice).  Please follow up afterwards if the LAN port works properly, and if your laptop gets an IP of

WIFI LAN is working as expected but ethernet LAN port is not working as LAN.

don't see anything wrong with the LAN IP settings. 


Star I

Issue is because i set the LAN port VID to 10. by default my XD5 did work using default setting. (No  Internet when i connect using default settings. this is due to some requirement from our ISP.

so i change WAN port and LAN port to VID 10. after removing the settings for LAN port. it works normally as LAN.