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ZenWifi XD5 LAN port

Star I

i bought a pair of XD5 zenwifi router for my home.

when i setup the main unit, i noticed that the LAN port is showing public IP adderss when i connecte my laptop.

I have already connected WAN/LAN port to my telco ONT. Internet is working but LAN port still show WAN IP instead of the LAN subnet of 192.168.50.xx/24.

is there any settings for the LAN port?

WIFI clients is working fine using 192.168.50.xx/24 ip address. 


Rising Star II

If you open in a web browser on the laptop does it go to ASUSwrt log in page of the XD5?

it does not goes to ASUSwrt.log.

what i get is you can't reach this page

Hmmm… can't reach this page

Check if there is a typo in

i can get Internet access when connect LAN port using laptop.


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=247ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=247ms TTL=40
Reply from bytes=32 time=240ms TTL=41


Rising Star II

Have you set up the 2nd XD5?  It might be waiting/looking for the other XD5 before acting normally.  (They support ethernet backhaul).

I think for the XD5 they did not set up the, try for the router log in page.  My apologies.

i did managed to setup the 2nd XD5 with XD5-1 LAN port to XD5-2 WAN/LAN port. after that i connect other devices to XD5-2 LAN port it works normally.

my question is how come XD5-1 LAN port cannot be used as LAN. i connect laptop to this LAN port cannot use as client. from XD5-1 LAN port - will try again.