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Problems getting AX6000 to connect to Win 11 desktop

Star II

Hi All

Have recently installed above router to improve WiFi throughout house, particularly son’s bedroom. Am using it in access point mode so that I can retain our digital phone, which needs to be connected to Sky SR203 router. (We have FTTP) 

The only glitch has been getting a Windows 11 desktop to connect to either the 2.4 or 5Ghz networks. It often disconnects and then struggles to reconnect. (“Can’t connect to network message”) We only have bog standard three bed semi, no think walls. The router is positioned at foot of stairs and bedroom at top.

I think it may be more to do with the WiFi adaptor in the pc. I replaced the old one with a TP link AC1200 and had issues getting that to work with the original set up. Had to keep resetting/uninstalling adapter etc.

The only other thing I can think off is Firewall/anti virus. I turned off during router installation but assume these should be good to run now?

Any advice/fixes would be greatly appreciated.



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Rising Star II

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Rising Star II

Is it possible to exchange the AC1200 with an AX model, maybe an Archer TX20E at least?

Are there nearby neighbors who may give WiFi interference?

Thanks. Only just bought AC1200😀 Nope, only one house joined on (single occupant), no one living next door and only wife and I in our house.


Is the ASUS model TUF-AX6000 or GT-AX6000?

For now please check try switching to WPA2/WPA3 Personal on the router and observe.

Hi again. It’s TUF version. Can you clarify advice re “switch WPA2/3”. I can either use app or navigate to router’s home page to make changes.