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Firmware: Signature Version: 2.376 2023/10/17 - Filling System Log with errors

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Router: RT-AC66U B1 (AC1750); Firmware Version: ;
On Tuesday, 2023/10/17, I noticed the entire System Log filled with the same repeating errors, all starting with error: "kernel: dcd/22609: potentially unexpected fatal signal 6." The only difference between the errors is the dcd number.

I checked the Administration menu, Firmware Upgrade tab, and found that the Firmware Signature Version had been updated to "2.376 2023/10/17 09:04" which was a couple of hours before I checked the logs.

After seeing that, I unplugged the Router for a few minutes and plugged it in again and let it boot up.

The errors went away for about an hour then came back. Subsequent (4) power off/on resulted in the same situation.

The errors do not seem to be affecting the router's performance, but the problem needs to be addressed by Asus. Attached is a snippet of the errors.


I’ve heard nothing..

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Identical symptoms (as listed), timing and message traffic from my RT-AC68U log. Problem also began on 10/17/2023

I've opened N2310029933-0005 with ASUS support

Hello Everyone! 

Did anyone have any response from asus? It's impossible to use the equipment, my connection is falling a lot. Help us @Aureliannn_ASUS 

Still nothing. 
On the positive side, @drmoseley  was kind enough to go thru the effort of opening a support ticket with ASUS.  Thank you drmoseley!  🙂

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Indeed. ASUS support asked me to submit what they called a 'wireless feedback form' including a depiction of my network topology. I also processed their (via router admin), Administration > Feedback and also included a sample of the messages constantly repeating in my log.

As others have reported, a reboot temporarily seemed to solve the problem, which returned in 52 minutes