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WiFi XT9

Hi there,is ASUS updating the openvpn client within XT9 to 2.5?

Resolved! Can't find AdGuard / ad blocking DNS setting

Hi, while setting up my recently purchased ZenWiFi AX (XT8) system, I enabled a setting somewhere -- in either the Web GUI or the iOS app -- to actively block advertisements from showing up in web traffic.It's working great, but in case I want to dis...

j-lamar by Star I
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Hey got a Modem from asus but it is being ran by optus is there a way i can change it and go with asus wifi?

Cody2 by Star I
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Asus Zenwifi Ax Xt8

Hello, I recently bought an Asus Zenwifi Ax Xt8 - the thing is that the node, although is close to the router, keeps dropping from 5.2ghz to 2.4ghz reducing the speed significantly. I have literally tried everything from app and on web interface noth...

Miz93 by Star I
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Account Router

where I see the account of the ASUS router that does not appear anywhere and the videos on youtube are outdated

ASUS_50 by Star I
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Asus hyrid xc5

Is this out for sale yet? I have seen this product at newegg... Is it a scam or something esle?

Asus router app issues

Hello!I have an issue with the asus router app for android. Using an iPhone works fine with connecting to the router, but the android does not find any devices to connect to.both phones are connected to the same network. And I have done a hard reset ...

Unable to open USB folder attached to router

Hey all,I just installed an RT-AX86U Pro router. After setting it up and connecting to my  Windows 10 laptop, I installed a Samsung T7 Shield 2TB usb drive to the router. I enabled sharing in Windows setup. I can map the network drive to Window file ...

MikeCW by Star I
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My ASUS Mesh Network forgets nodes after power resets.

My ASUS Mesh Network forgets nodes after power resets.I have a mesh network of 4 ASUS RT-AX3000 routers: 1 main router and 3 nodes. The problem is, whenever the main router loses power and reboots, it forgets the nodes are connected. I have to re-add...

Resolved! RT-AX55: No Access to Some URLs

The router is installed behind a Verizon 5G Home Internet WAN box in "passthrough" mode. I cannot get to certain URLs, including Verizon and ASUS Support unless, I connect via my cellphone hotspot. Is there a setting in the router, either enable or d...