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AX89X - After Update - Bugs wifi 5ghz

Star II

Hello, I saw on the support site that there is a newer firmware (ASUS RT-AX89X Firmware version I performed an update and after restarting my router, I could no longer see or connect to the 5Ghz wifi on my different devices. In addition, on wifi 6 mode the AX mode was not visible (only N/AC). Unable to connect anymore, I decided to revert to the previous version (ASUS RT-AX89X Firmware version

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take screenshots. If you ever want to have one, I will do another test to show you the differences.

Can you tell me if it is normal that the 5Ghz wifi is no longer visible on the new firmware version please?


Rising Star II

On such mature platforms as the RT-AX89X, I suspect the BIOS does not install properly.  (I don’t expect such severe issues from an update although it is possible).  Bottom line is sometimes a hard/factory reset is worth a try if you notice issues after a firmware update and standard restart.  (Did you happen to try a hard reset)?

I just did the update again. And I took screenshots of the old and new firmware. AX mode has disappeared in 5Ghz and my wifi no longer appears SemprFi_5G. I have to connect to 2.4Ghz
I will put back the old firmware. Because with this one, everything worked correctly.


The “Bande” in the two screenshots are different.  One is 5 GHz and the other is 2.4 GHz.  That doesn’t help me understand what the concern is I’m afraid.

Google translate helped me, I believe your router configuration pages are in French.

It is safest to check in ASUSwrt (GUI you logged into) for a firmware update, as it should (hopefully) install the correct BIOS for your location.  Not every country follows the same rules regarding radio waves…

If your router is installed in France then the update should come from ASUS FR site here:

Is this where you downloaded it from?

Sorry I missed the 3rd screenshot.  I think I now understand your concern.

Below 5 GHz there is a “Mode sans fil”.  It is set to “N/AC Mixed”, and you can not change that to N/AC/AX?