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ROG MAXIMUS XI Gene don´t complete KNOPPIX Linux OS booting using Ventoy and keyboard not working?

My pc specifcations are Intel Core i7 8700 processor, ROG MAXIMUS XI Gene Motherboard GeIL CL16-16-16 D4-2400 8 GB RAM memory,  EVGA 750BQ Power Supply and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Super GPU , my keyboard is Genius KB-O6XE my KNOPPIX os is from this iso: KNOPPIX_V9.1DVD-2021-01-25-EN.iso, when i press Bloq Mayús key it doesn´t turn on a light and when i...



Hello, @qqqqqqqqqqqqqq1 

According to the official website for the ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO, we only support Windows operating systems.
Based on this, we recommend that you install or cross-test with a Windows system to verify if the issue persists.
Alternatively, you can cross-test the keyboard with another PC to further identify the problem.
Thank you.